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Foosball Men? 

Question: I have got a query regarding my harvard foosball tables men. My query is that can I replace the classic foosball men with my tornado men? I think that the Tornado men are much studier so they last longer than other replacement men. So, I am looking for a switch. Can I opt for tornado foosball men. Any information regarding this is highly appreciated.

Staff Answer: Now, this really depends upon the table you are using. More than 90% of the tables use a standard 5/8" rod. On the other hand, tornado and dynamo make use of 9/16 rod. So, you can replace men between these two tables but other than that no. That being said, you can make then work though, you will just have to widen the hole on the foosball men so that they fit the rod. Some foosball players do that.


Foosball Replacement Parts? 

Question: I need help finding the right replacement parts for a foosball table I bought last year. I know I need a complete set of foosball poles and foosball handles. I also need two new foosball scoring units. My question is this: does every Harvard part work with every table? What do I need to buy that's a decent price?

Staff Answer: Ok, the first thing would be to measure the diameter of the rods (poles) that the men go on. The good news is that most Harvard brands are a 5/8" but there are a few out there that actually are 1/2". If they are 5/8" that is half the battle. We have several foosball men that will fit these rods. We also have foosball rods that will work - again if they are 5/8". You will need to determine if you want the hollow or the solid rods - of course once you determine the diameter. Scoring units are pretty generic. Here is link to the scoring units that we have for sale: Harvard Foosball Table Scoring Unit -Click Here

Now, coming to the next part of the question where you asked if every Harvard part work with every table. Unfortunately the answer to your question would be "no". Not all Harvard foosball parts are going to work. Depending on how old the foosball table is and the model number, will determine if any of the original foosball parts will even be available. These tables are made for a couple of years and then discontinued and once all foosball spare parts are sold then they too are discontinued. So at that point you will have to go with any universal type part that will fit. Depending on which foosball parts you will need will determine how much money it is going to take to get the table back up to speed.


Foosball First Invention? 

Question: Can you tell me when was Foosball invented first? 

Staff Answer: A little tough one to answer. There are different claims regarding the invention of foosball. According to some claims the sport of foosball/ table soccer, existed in the late 1800s, but the first patent for foosball was granted only during the early 1920s in UK to a person by the name of Harold Searles Thornton. This guy wanted a game that imitated the popular game of football/soccer.


Foosball Table Size? 

Question: I wanted to purchase a foosball table but I am not sure of the size of the table. Can you tell me how big is a foosball table? I want to be sure it fits into my room. 

Staff Answer: A foosball table can vary in size. In other words, the foosball tables come in a variety of different sizes so they can fit into different sized rooms. Generally. its about 4 feet (1.2 meters) long and 2 feet (.6 meters) wide.


Taking Care of Foosball Table? 

Question: I am looking for advice on how to take care of my foosball table? 

Staff Answer: Although most foosball tables require some storage space, they are fairly easy to maintain. To enjoy the best gaming experience, one should pay attention to the foosball parts such as foosball men, foosball balls, foosball rods and ofcourse the table itself. As far as the foosball balls are concerned, one can wash them with a soft rag and dish soap. The key over here is to ensure that you do not scrub them very hard. As you may know that slippery foosballs are quite difficult to play with.

One must regularly check the miniature players to make sure that they are firmly attached to the rod. Wipe down the foosball rods and apply a good lubricant to keep them in great working condition. Make use of a damp cloth to get rid of the dust and lint from your foosball table surface or by using either water or by rubbing alcohol. Debris on the field will interfere with your foosball game. Also, ensure the field is completely dry before you start playing again. Morever, foosball replacement men, foosball rods and foosball balls/ scoring units can be easily bought online in case the existing ones get worn out/ lost or damaged.  In our store, we do provide foosball maintenance kit that can easily improve productivity and also reduce downtime. To Order Foosball Maintenance Kit Click Here: http://www.harvardfoosballtable.com